Vision of Success

  • Suicide is viewed as a preventable public health problem.
  • Individuals experiencing mental illness, substance abuse, or feelings of suicide feel comfortable asking for help, and have access to appropriate services in their communities.
  • Suicide prevention services are provided in an integrated manner so that people receive the comprehensive coverage and support best suited for their individual needs.
  • Suicide prevention activities incorporate elements of resiliency and protective factors as well as risk factors.
  • Prevention strategies grounded in the best evidence available are used in cities and towns across the Commonwealth.
  • There is a strong, diverse, state-wide suicide prevention coalition in every part of the state, as well as local community coalitions.
  • Institutions and organizations include mental health, suicide prevention, and risk and resiliency efforts as part of their health and wellness benefits, policies, curricula, and other initiatives.
  • Suicide prevention is supported by public and private funding sources.
  • There is a general public awareness of suicide prevention efforts in the Commonwealth and willingness to assist those who may  be in the need of help.